For example, a game can be broadcast live on TV stations and on websites,It feels completely different。

And now that despicable brat,I can even enjoy this honor?
The video shooting of the interview with Hu Lai took a long time。The main lineup has ended their recovery training,Hu Lai is still shooting on the training ground。
Then he took the camera crew to the deserted locker room——At that time the main lineup had already left,Others are still training,So nobody in the locker room——Went to the restaurant of the club training base,Went to the dormitory、Gym。
After he finishes shooting,Back to the locker room,The training of the team that did not participate in the game is over。
Hu Lai happened to meet Zhang Qinghuan who came out inside the locker room。
The other party changed into casual clothes,The hair is obviously well managed,People haven’t approached yet,Hu Lai first smelled the perfume wafting from the other party。
Zhang Qinghuan didn’t expect to meet Hu Lai as soon as he came out,He froze for a while,Then hum:“Pretty happy。”
Hu Lai’s face is indeed full of smiles,After all, this kind of treatment is happy for everyone,But I heard Zhang Qinghuan say that,He smiles brighter:“Otherwise?”
See Hu Lai like this,Zhang Qinghuan:“Don’t be too happy。Others touted,I don’t know what my last name is……”
Hu Lai is too lazy to talk nonsense with him,Directly interrupted:“I am not you,Scum。”
After speaking, he poked his mouth and shrugged his hands,Zhang Qinghuan returned to the opponent the actions that Zhang Qinghuan did to him on the training ground。
Then drove away,Into the locker room。
“you……”Zhang Qinghuan turned around and stared at Hu Lai’s background,Clenched fists——This kid still has the face to scold his scumbag?Who betrayed his teammates??!My scum?I’m so fucking scumbag, but you scumbag!
But in the end he didn’t chase Hu Lai to make it clear,Just looking at the locker room door,Sneered,Then turned around and left。