6 kinds of baby’s stomach pain that is not sick

6 kinds of baby’s stomach pain that is not sick

[Introduction]As soon as the baby shouts that the stomach hurts, the mother is very anxious. In fact, in some cases, it is not the disease that causes abdominal pain, no medication is needed at all, and the parents do not have to worry too much.


My stomach got cold and the weather was hot. Because of greed and cold, Miao Miao accidentally kicked off the quilt when she slept at night. Although she did not catch a cold after waking up, she shouted that her stomach hurt.

  There is no aunt on the baby’s tummy due to cold, and the abdominal wall is thin, especially around the belly button.

When the belly is cold, the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract are stimulated by cold, and strong contraction may occur, causing limb abdominal pain.

In addition, cold on the lower abdomen will accelerate bowel movements and increase the frequency of bowel movements, as long as the stool is free of mucus and pus and blood, it does not matter.

  Keep your baby’s belly warm To prevent the baby’s belly from getting cold, the mother must protect the baby’s belly while sleeping. Even if it is hot, you should put something on the baby’s belly, even a thin towel blanket.

If the baby kicks the quilt coldly, give him a small bellyband.

During the three volt days, we will always see some babies running outside naked. When the weather is hot, we must protect the child’s abdomen, reset the shift track and always maintain normal function.

  Tip: If your baby has abdominal pain because of a cold stomach, you can use a hot towel to apply heat and massage, because the thermal stimulation causes the internal tract to soothe and can relieve the pain.


I grew too fast, and I always said that I had a stomachache before going to bed. The whole stomach felt a slight pain. My mother asked me many times. He could n’t tell what the pain was. When the mother planned to take him to the hospital,His abdominal pain disappeared again.

  Gastrointestinal growth pain is a kind of physiological regenerative growth pain.

The baby’s metabolism is strong, both the body grows fast, and even the internal organs, such as internal organs, grow correspondingly at the same time. Because it grows too fast, the blood supply of the stomach and intestines is relatively inadequate. In addition, the baby’s autonomic nerve function can’t adapt.Acute smooth muscle is prone to contractile contractions, and paroxysmal abdominal pain will occur.

  Massage relieves pain. Hypertension. Growth pain is not a disease. Generally, the pain does not exceed 10 minutes. It is only a temporary discomfort during the growth of the baby.

When the baby feels a stomachache, the mother can gently massage the baby’s belly in a clockwise direction, or use a hot water bottle, a hot towel to apply heat, or rub the baby’s feet in the Sanli point. After a while, the pain will be relieved.disappear.


Niu Niu ‘s body is very healthy, but after attending kindergarten, she only feels stomachache after participating in running and jumping rubber bands. After the teacher knows this situation, she encourages Niu Niu to participate in some small-volume activities.Such as hide-and-seek, slides, Niu Niu did not have a stomachache.

  Sports abdominal pain Niu Niu is a sports abdominal pain. Generally, most of the pain occurs after acute exercise. As long as the exercise stops, the pain will disappear.

Gastrointestinal oscillations caused by exercise and the relative reduction in blood supply to the digestive organs are the primary causes of abdominal pain.

This kind of abdominal pain often occurs even for adults. The baby’s exercise can not suddenly increase the amount of exercise, but should be cultivated from an early age, insist on daily exercise, let the body slowly adapt, and then gradually expand and persist.

Minimize running, bouncing, etc., and do not take too long for each exercise.

Do not exercise immediately after meals to avoid gastrointestinal dysfunction and indigestion.


The cramped abdominal pain is very strange. Sometimes I scream that my stomach hurts while playing, and the pain is different. Sometimes it is here, sometimes around the navel, and sometimes it goes to the heart socket.

During the onset of pain, Wan Wan turned pale, nervous, nausea, vomiting, and unable to eat.

  Functional abdominal pain doctor’s diagnosis of bending is functional abdominal pain. Similar situations occur in babies over two years old, which may be related to food allergies, orthostatic adjustment disorders, psychological and emotional disorders.

  There are different causes of functional abdominal pain caused by the “medicine” under the symptom, and the methods to solve the problem are also different. Parents should carefully observe and find the cause of the baby’s abdominal pain and deal with it accordingly.

  Reason 1: Babies with orthostatic dysfunction and abdominal pain are weak and prone to fatigue. They may faint when standing for too long.

  Prevention: The baby should strengthen nutrition, pay attention to the diet mix, ingest various nutrients, and take more physical exercise to enhance physical fitness.

  Cause 2: Allergic abdominal pain. The baby’s abdominal pain after eating milk, eggs, fish and other foods.

  Solution: Stop eating this kind of food.

  Reason 3: Some children are prone to tension or contraction, which can cause abdominal pain due to psychological tension or depression.

  Solution: Chat with your child more often, let him relax and avoid tension.


His body was deficient in calcium. Jojo was uneasy to sleep and sweated a lot. He recently said that his stomach hurts.

The pain often disappeared only after a few minutes, so the mother didn’t take it seriously.

However, after a physical examination at the hospital, it was found that this was the abdominal pain caused by calcium deficiency in Jojo.
  Many people know that calcium deficiency can cause sweating, irritability, and disturbed sleep, but they don’t know that calcium deficiency can also cause abdominal pain.
There is also a certain amount of calcium in the blood. If calcium deficiency occurs, the excitability of neuromuscular muscles will increase, and the smooth muscles of the intestinal wall will be strongly contracted by slight stimulation, causing intestinal obstruction and stomach pain.

  Calcium supplements such as babies need more calcium supplements, usually pay attention to eat more eggs, beef, shrimp, beans, kelp, perilla, sesame, green vegetables and other foods rich in calcium, can also be taken under the guidance of a doctorCalcium tablets.

Of course, don’t forget to bask in the sun and do sports.


Inhaled smoke for a few days after Xue Xue was born, she often burst into tears, clenched her fists, her legs flexed, and her face turned red.

The doctor examined and questioned carefully, and found that whenever Xuexue cried, Dad was present and smoking.

It seems that Xuexue’s abdominal pain is caused by smoke.

  Abdominal pain caused by smoke is harmful to your health, and the degree of harm to your body caused by smoking secondhand smoke.

There are some harmful and harmful substances in the smoke tar, and the detoxification function of the baby’s blood-brain barrier and liver is incomplete. As a result, the nicotine in the smoke stays in the body for too long. After absorption, it can cause bowel dysfunction, which will cause angina.

  Keep away from cigarettes For the health of your baby and family, you should quit smoking immediately.

If you can’t quit smoking immediately, at least don’t smoke indoors or with children.