What does Zhong Fan think of,Yelled quickly,Chased up。

“Case??”Qiao Yiyi stopped。
“Is not,Is a photo。”
The corner of Zhong Fan’s mouth evokes a threat of goodwill,Then I took out my phone and found a set of photos,Sent to Joey,It was the group of photos that Hao Yitian secretly took of Bai Xue and Mo Xiaosheng hugging each other that day。
“Doctor Joe,Take a good look,Is this your lover,Because the distance is too far apart,I didn’t photograph it,Not sure。”
Qiao Yiyi took out her phone and took a look,An anger immediately rose in my heart,Face like frost,Who else could this bastard be Mo Xiaosheng?!
Shirayuki, this vixen,Shameless,I knew she coveted“Niche”For a long time!
I didn’t expect it to be carried on the street now,Doesn’t this amount to declaring war on her?!
“Damn,Doctor Joe,It seems to be your love,Hey,I knew you were so angry,I won’t show it to you!”Zhong Fan saw the expression on Qiao Yiyi’s face,Happy in my heart,Hypocritical way,“This……Isn’t this ruining the relationship between your husband and wife?!”
“Not destroy。”
Qiao Yiyi put the phone in the bag,Cold face,Said without the slightest expression fluctuation,“I know this woman,She is my lover’s girlfriend。”
“what?girlfriend?”Zhong Fan frowned and said,“But aren’t you two husband and wife?”
He was puzzled,Is it true that Qiao Yiyi and Mo Xiaosheng’s marriage is nameless,Play different?
“Yes indeed,I am his lover,This is his girlfriend,to be honest,Is the third,Do you understand now?”Qiao Yiyi tried his best to endure the anger in his heart when speaking,Use Xiaosan to describe Baixue as a vixen,It’s too suitable。
“you……You know he has a junior……you do not……not angry?”Zhong Fan looked at Qiao Yi with astonishment。
“Not angry,Why am i angry,I am the main room where Ming Media is getting married,She is a stubborn little third,My love has to get back to me every day,Why should i be angry?”