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What kind of urine of these reporters,Xu Xuan understands,Don’t look at them now are people or ghosts holding walkers,If Xu Xuan didn’t score today,,The last winner is the Cavaliers,You don’t think they are like this。
It’s all a bunch of grass,Where is the wind blowing。
It’s worth mentioning that before the end of this press conference,A reporter asked Xu Xuan a question。
“I thought I could step in when I was in second gradeNBAThe highest palace??”
this problem,Xu Xuan thought for a while,Just said seriously:“My idol Kobe once said,Age is never the criterion for measuring performance,I’m not grateful for now,Do not regret this,I will only work hard for the future!Ok,double the effort!”
The reporters said something silently。
So this is why Xu Xuan succeeded??
Work only for the future,double the effort,Listen to,This word,How exciting。
At this moment,Xu Xuan, who had already walked out, blinked at the pickled pepper。
On Soul Chicken Soup,Xu is weaker than anyone?
At the end of the press conference here,TNTThe trio is still looking back at the game。