“Go away,Don’t want you to kiss。”

Shen Ruoxi half pushed“struggle”With,Of course, I was kissed by Murong Shan a few times in the end.。
Chen Hao,Song Min and Yang Shiyun looked at each other with bitter smiles,This sudden little farce,Although I hit all three of them by surprise,But it also made them watch the excitement,Enough addiction。
Shen Ruoxi’s“Unspeakable hidden”,Of course they all know that as Shen Ruoxi’s sisters,It’s just that everyone will deliberately avoid this topic in joking,Today Murong Shan accidentally mentioned this when he was just joking,So all three of them were shocked!
Fortunately, this unexpected situation was resolved immediately,It’s a surprise,The three of them breathed a sigh of relief,But the three people still have their own emotions,Each has its own feelings,I just can’t say it……
The car is driving on the broad main road of the city,Because today is Saturday,There is no usual morning rush hour for work,So the car is still relatively fast。
Swallow driving,Qin Liang is sitting in the passenger seat,And in the back compartment,It’s the little girls who keep chirping,Especially Shen Ruoxue who dresses herself up,Not a minute is quiet,Not only running around in the car,,Sitting on this girl’s lap for a while,I got into that girl’s arms for a while,When it doesn’t stop……
“Xiaoxue is so energetic,Wake up so early,She can still be so alive。”
Yanzi smiled and whispered to Qin Liang。
“That is,She is already a kung fu girl now,Good spirits are normal,You can no longer treat her as an ordinary girl。”
Qin Liang answered with a wry smile。
“That’s also。”
Yanzi had to admit this fact。