Dugu Fengyun patted his military uniform,Chongmo Xiaosheng said with embarrassment,“Ten years ago,This is the first time I put on this uniform again!”

“Not bad,It should not be much different from the previous year!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and joked at him,Then I looked at him,Seeing that he has no military rank on his shoulders,And the chest is empty,Can’t help but wonder,After all, soldiers like Dugu Fengyun who have made countless contributions,The honors won are definitely countless,I’m afraid I can’t wear the medal on my chest!Why didn’t you wear any。
Dugu Fengyun seemed to see Mo Xiaosheng’s doubts,Said with a smile:“Didn’t I say,This time I mainly want to see how these Dongying people jump,So don’t rush to reveal your identity,Let’s observe the situation!”
Mo Xiaosheng suddenly realized when he heard this,Yes indeed,If those Dongying people knew from the beginning that Dugu Fengyun was still alive,Specifies that it will converge,So there is no need for Dugu Fengyun to identify himself at the beginning。
Then a person standing next to Dugu Fengyun came over and handed Ming Cheng two military uniforms.,Mo Xiaosheng and Ming Cheng got into the car and changed their clothes,I found that their military uniform is the same as Dugu Fengyun’s,No military ranks on his shoulders。
After Dugu Fengyun gets on the bus,Ming Cheng poked her head out with some doubts and took a look,Seeing no car came out,Can’t help but wonder,“Master,Just the three of us?”
“Go to own territory,Do I need to bring many people??”
Dugu Fengyun snorted proudly with his head high,“go,set off!”
Ming Cheng nodded immediately,Slam the accelerator,Galloped to the Military Intelligence Department。
“Lonely senior,The Military Intelligence Department is heavily guarded,If you don’t reveal your identity,Can’t get in at all!”Mo Xiaosheng suddenly remembered something,Chong Dugu Fengyun said with some doubts,After all, the last time he and Ye Bing entered the sentencing compound,But I have gone through many checks。
Colonel Ye Bing led them last time,No one led them this time,After all, Mingcheng has been with Dugu Fengyun,Is not a member of the Military Intelligence Department at all,And I don’t seem to have any contact with the Military Intelligence Department.,If they just go in like this,Impossible to get in。
“Nothing,Do not reveal identity,Still no one dares to stop us!”Dugu Fengyun said with a smile,Head up,Full of pride。
Mo Xiaosheng saw him so confident,Suspicious,I didn’t ask much。
“You must remember after we go in a while,Let’s be a spectator,Watch the changes,Don’t hurry up!”
Dugu Fengyun warned with some worry,“Then you all lower the brim of the hat,Suddenly changed his uniform,No one will recognize you!”