Peng Changyi holding the phone,Walking back and forth in the room,He calmed down,Said:“let me tell you,Don’t say yes1.2Billion,Two and a half billion won’t work,How much is your seventy-odd bus?How much is the land?How much is this bus line?and many more,Have you counted?”

Ronman said quietly:“Yes,I counted,For the money,Just enough for the bank,But i don’t sell,What can?”
He heard the helplessness in Ronman’s tone。
“What about?If you don’t sell, who will hold the knife holder on your neck and force you to sell!”Peng Changyi yelled at her on the phone。
Ronman’s heart is at ease,The higher Peng Changyi’s voice,Behave more angry,The better she feels。From his angry tone,Got comfort,This is since the negotiation with Yuda,The only time when this woman was comforted。She didn’t mistake Peng Changyi,Although this man will never have any results with himself,but,She saw in this man something more precious than money。
She said:“Secretary Peng,Calm down,I have a very difficult time these days,There is a feeling of licking blood with the tip of a knife,Really,I feel,If i don’t do this,I can’t live a normal life at all,It may even bring a murderous disaster,and so,For the peace of the world,I can only do this。fair enough,In some ways,They also helped me out……”
“shit!Is there such a relief?This is a legal society!The sky will never fall,Moreover,I’m still the secretary of the Kangzhou Municipal Party Committee。Where are you?Let’s meet and say,I want to formally intervene in this matter!”Peng Changyi is very angry,He felt that Ronman must be threatened in some way,otherwise,She wouldn’t pay such a low price,Transfer the company out。
Ronman choked,She said with a trembling voice:“Thank you,Thank you……With your words,Xiaoman, I’m content,Although I may not have the chance to walk into your heart in this life,But now I am really content……”
“Don’t talk nonsense!”Peng Changyi doesn’t like to hear a woman talk like this,Especially since he and her had a past,He just wants to talk about things,Just said:“If you are in the company, I will find you right away。”
“Secretary Peng,I’m on the highway,Go out for a few days,Relax。”
“Drive by yourself?”
“Is not。”
“Easy to speak?”
Peng Changyi doesn’t feel like Ronman said in the car,Maybe she doesn’t want to trouble herself,Just said:“let me tell you,This amount of money is absolutely not enough,If you haven’t signed the contract yet,Rollover immediately!”
Ronman said helplessly:“I just called you after signing the contract。”
“Are you fucking yourself??”Peng Changyi is anxious,Actually said such a sentence,When he realized he was talking to a lady,Just explained:“Sorry,It is said that this is what Einstein said,I don’t know if it’s true,The original words seem to say:If you run around a tree at a speed beyond light,Then you may be yourself……”