So in addition to the requirements for the improvement of daily teaching,It pays special attention to the Olympiad in recent years。But I want the horse to run,Of course you have to be fed。So simply,Whose student achieved excellent results in this year’s Olympiad,Who will receive various awards。

Although the notice has not yet specified the specific rewards,But it shows that there will definitely be a national level、Various rewards after the results of the world-class Olympiad。
Let’s not mention the reward,Since there is such a statement,As the No. 1 Provincial High School, I can’t persuade you at this time!
The beginning of the province、High school got the notice,This achievement can at least be commended in the province,Leave a name。To be a man must have pursuit,Everyone wants to go further。But to go further,Have to have results!
Now it’s notified,The Provincial No. 1 Middle School must of course make achievements。
This year’s Olympic Mathematics Competition in Provincial No. 1 Middle School,The greatest hope obviously lies in Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin。
After reading the notice,Yu Dewei finally understands what Tianshi is、Geographical advantage、The bitterness of man and the whole being occupied by the enemy。
Changed him to sit in the position of Principal Wang,At this time, I have to treat the couple of gods and goddesses as baby bumps!
The teaching director can change at any time,There are many people who are qualified and stare at this position。
But it’s hard to find a genius student who can score in the International Mathematical Olympiad in any age.。
Put it in the whole country or the numbers look a lot,But in each school,Those are all the existence of phoenix feathers and corners!
“Cough,so,I said Lao Yu,What’s the matter with your nephew?After he contracted the canteen, he paid close attention to the hygiene problems of the back kitchen. I saw all these things in my eyes.,But the quality and quantity of meals are also very important!What Lu Yuxin said is right,Although prices are rising a bit faster now,But after all, there are subsidies,The weight must be added!Next meeting,I will specifically talk about this issue!”President Wang finally stated。
“Ok,You are right,I’ll mention this to him。If there is nothing wrong,,I’ll go first。”Yu Dewei said lostly。
“Ok,I’m verbose。Lao Yu,Serious school regulations,This thing can’t be wrong,But many times pay attention to the method。Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude is the teaching philosophy of our Provincial No. 1 Middle School,For example, you didn’t observe discipline before,How to solve Mathematical problems is good,right?”
“But some students,how to say?I didn’t mean to give privileges to anyone,But they are indeed early wisdom,What people want to learn in a day,They may master it in an hour!It’s normal to have other thoughts in the extra time!What you have to do is to guide them to use the time correctly,Rather than confrontation,Even affect other students’ study!”
“So i see,Have a good talk with that little girl,Make a peace,Forget it!Look at this day by day,I put my energy on the kids who don’t care,What to do with other children?you,do you understand?”
Principal Wang smiled and asked Mimi。