because,When I came in,Deliberately hide the cultivation base。

now,If the test column finds it,That for myself,But something very bad。
Think of this one,Lin Yu worked harder,self-control,Don’t let this stone absorb its own power。
unfortunately,No matter how Lin Yu controls,This stone,Or keep absorbing my own strength。
and,When absorbed,Will also appear,Absorb the power of different situations。
“It’s been a minute,No color,Seems to be a person without any spiritual roots,Is a waste。”
“but,Promised his father。”
“If you repent,Not so good。”
“Nothing more,Let him be under the six elders,So that the six elders,Someone teach it。”
“Disciple of the Six Elders,In an experience,All dead。”
“these years,Six Elders,Never hired any disciples。”
“All right,You can take your hand back。”
After the head figured it out,Look at Lin Yu,Open road。
“I,I can’t get my hand back。”
Lin Yu who heard this,Look to the head,Embarrassed。
“what,Can’t get it back?”
To know,Normally can’t get it back,Because of,The test column absorbs the power of this person,Haven’t tested this person’s five elements,Will appear。
But Lin Yu,It’s been more than a minute,Not finished?
Five Elements,Just a few。