『You use what you learned from Du Niang,The plan for making a strong nation,The Minister of Manchuria was shocked.』

『Your policy is implemented,Major reforms in the Tiandou Empire.』
『You exposed your peerless talent,And talked with Emperor Xue Ye for three days,Reveal a large number of future adverse events.』
『You become the brother of Xueye,Canonized as Prince Xiao,And gave the Hanhai Qiankun cover as a symbol.』
『You get a large fief,And has the authority to recruit guards.』
『You are hated by the prince,Repeated designs ended in failure.』
『You leave Tiandou City,Enter Wuhun City with a high-profile identity.』
『You are hostile,The provocation of many geniuses led by the golden generation.』
『You use various means,The genius of Wuhundian Academy suffered various scandals.』
『You use streaming fireflies to spoil Hu Liena’s reputation,Led her to practice in Death Canyon.』
『You use streaming firefly again,Placed in the residence of Pope Bibi Dong(shameless).』
『Expose when you retract the streaming firefly,Was discovered by Bibi Dong.』
『Because of your foresight,Rely on the goodwill of the rose ring to calm the matter,Bibi Dong said generously,Don’t care about children’s pranks.』
『You have a big crisis,Rumors about you and Bibi Dong are circulating in Wuhun City.』
『You have a hunch,Leaving Wuhun City quickly.』
『You were chased by the worship hall,Launch a Jedi counterattack.』
『You summon meteorites to attack the hall of worship,And successfully pushed back the two Douluos of Guiju.』
『You successfully withdrew to the Heaven Dou Empire,Towards the kingdom of Barak.』