“I know that many people will find it incredible,So next I will show you how to use this software,No need to know any computer language,A software can be developed with only natural language。”

Wang Yufei’s voice falls,The audience is silent。
Everyone’s head is dumbfounded。
Did you hear me wrong??
Programming does not require knowledge of computer languages?
Don’t need to learn anythingC/C++,Java、PHPand many more……
Can program in natural language,You can design the software you need?
what is this?
This is so good to start the game first?!
Offstage,The big guys had a peaceful look,Became serious。
Like Tim·Cook,Half-opened mouth unconsciously。
If this software is so amazing as Wang Yufei said,What is this special software?This is an artifact。
This will make the developers who Apple considers a treasure a joke!
He also finally understood where Ge Lingyue’s confidence in ecological construction came from。
When every user who uses the Xin system becomes a developer,Xin System does not need to build a software ecosystem。
Because the system itself is ecology!
The reaction of others is not much different,Yu Xingwei kept counting sheep silently in his heart,Try to make yourself as peaceful as possible,This way, I won’t let the annoyed emotions swallow me directly!
Not to mention the performance of the Xin system,This software alone is enough to make this system smile。