Xu Shuang smiled after hearing it:“How did you treat me hot and cold before?。”

Lu Shanshan really doesn’t know how Shen Zhiyue and Xu Shuang get along,It’s just that Shen Zhiyue is always pretending and cold,It’s normal to offend Xu Shuang。
Chapter One Hundred and Three East Asian Little Vinegar King
For the historical issues left by Shen Zhiyue,Lu Shanshan doesn’t want to go into it,After all, I think it’s too late,It’s better to think about how to get along with Xu Shuang next。
Lu Shanshan smiled doglegs:“Shuang brother,We used to have a competitive relationship,Now is a partnership,I hope you can give more advice in the future。”
Xu Shuang saw the big boy in front of him smiling like a fool,I’m not bored,Still feel a little cute。strange,He can’t be straight,All around are exquisite and chic sexy beauties,How can I still have ideas after meeting Shen Zhiyue??It must be that he didn’t get enough sleep last night,My brain is so bad。
Xu Shuang rubbed his eyebrows:“You treated me badly before,But you are right,From now on we are a cooperative relationship,It’s not easy for me to join this show to stand firm,So the first few episodes will add some interaction factors between you and me,Hope you don’t get me off,I beg you。”
Lu Shanshan thinks Xu Shuang misunderstands her a bit,As a passerby fan,Lu Shanshan is a little upset,She feels uncomfortable,The whole person looks dying,Like a flower dried by the sun。
Xu Shuang’s face darkened when she saw her,Actually a little ashamed。He speaks to ease the atmosphere:“Actually you weren’t really that bad before,But you want to add something rare to me,it is also fine,If there is no spark between us,This show is not good。”
Lu Shanshan looked wronged at Xu Shuang:“I won’t set you up,do not worry。”
Xu Shuang thinks his brain is pretty funny,Actually follow the guy’s thoughts,Watching him wronged,He is not feeling well。
“All right,do not talk,Have you ever been on some mission-based variety shows before?Next we will play some small games,Not difficult,Just find some crystal balls。But the protagonist of this show is not us after all,So we don’t need to work too hard,Just mean it。”
Lu Shanshan breathed a sigh of relief,She is a game black hole,Let her play games and die miserably。After listening to Xu Shuang’s words, she suddenly felt relieved:“Thank you Shuang brother,I know how to do it。”
Xu Shuang doubted:“You probably asked Linda about the specific process before.。”
Lu Shanshan shook her head,She doesn’t have this habit,You know she has always been just a background board,Even if it’s on the show, I stay aside,Basically, the process script is not her turn to watch,She just needs to understand the rules of the game before shooting。
Xu Shuang also knows that Linda hates Shen Zhiyue to death recently,If Linda’s patience is not enough,Maybe I will give Shen Zhiyue a few more。
Thought of here,Xu Shuang couldn’t help asking:“Yue Ge,I heard you plan to leave Tianduan in the future,After leaving Tianduan,Are you still in the circle?”
Lu Shanshan thought of waiting for Shen Zhiyue to recover,She might swap bodies with Shen Zhiyue,Will Shen Zhiyue stay or leave?,All this is unknown。