“Yes!”A group of soldiers gave a deep drink,Hula carrying a gun on the car。

First0193Trouble in Zhangdian
“how about it,See it clearly?Is it your jade??”
Inside Mojinyuan Baoyu Pavilion,The tattooed man urged Mo Xiaosheng impatiently。
“Although this jade bracelet is exactly the same as the jade bracelet in our shop,But this is fake,Not in our shop。”Mo Xiaosheng checked the jade bracelet carefully,Fixed channel。
Wherever there are millions of jade bracelets,They are all polished from rough stones he personally selected,There can be no problems,And this jade has a market value of 3 million,Must come from the best rough,More unlikely to have a problem!
So this bracelet brought by the tattooed man is definitely a fake,But what Mo Xiaosheng wondered was,He saw the purchase date just now,I bought it yesterday,In such a short time,It is impossible to imitate such a high degree of reproduction。
“fart,You said it’s exactly the same as your store,Why isn’t it in your store??”Tattooed man angry。
“Just,Are you fucking kidding us??When we are bullied?”Some other gangsters in the store also came in,There is a stance that you have to do it。
“Brother, don’t be impulsive,Do not impulse。”Jin Xiang hurried over to stop them,Chongmo Xiaosheng advised,“Forget it,Quieter,Quieter。”
“No way,This is not the bracelet in our shop,Why should I pay him?”Mo Xiaosheng frowned and said coldly,“If it’s a precedent,Wouldn’t it be true that any cat or dog can bring a high-quality imitation product to our store to squander money?”
“I grass,you curse who?!”The tattooed man heard the meaning of Mo Xiaosheng’s words,Take your finger, Mo Xiaosheng。
“Point again,I immediately made your fingers into two pieces!”Mo Xiaosheng snorted coldly。
Tattooed men’s complexion changed,Quickly retracted his hand,Mo Xiaosheng kicked him just now, he still hurts。
“Niche,Just beg you,forget it,I’ll pay the money。”Jin Xiang is a little anxious,Persuaded Mo Xiaosheng in a low voice。
He is a businessman,Naturally know that the most important thing in business is not to care about the immediate gains and losses,But the long-term benefit。