Qie Yun just listened,Just laughed haha,Said:“Do I like to criticize people so much??”

Zhang Mingxiu said deliberately:“This one,I do not know,Think about it yourself。”
The people around laughed exaggeratedly。
Yuncai said:“Xiaowu,such,Don’t let so many people stay with me,Once you have a family and a job,Secondly, I am tired when I look at it,You and Xiao Peng will sit with me again,Let the others go back and rest。”
Wu Youfu also felt that the old man was upset,Just said:“Ok,You are so considerate。”
After Peng Changyi followed the old man into his room,The health doctor took out several small medicine bottles,Started taking medicine for the elderly,Zhang Mingxiu sat beside him,Every time the old man puts a pill in his mouth,She handed water in time,After the old man takes the medicine,Wu Youfu also came in。
The old man said:“If you two have time tonight,I’ll talk to you two about the arrangement of coming to Sanyuan this time?”
Wu Youfu and Peng Changyi both said:“Have time。”
Qie Yuncai said:“I come this time,I saw you guys are holding a peach blossom festival,I am very happy,Explain that you are looking for something、Officer,With ordinary people in my heart。It’s not easy for the people in the old districts,Made great sacrifices for the new China,seriously,I see the countryside on both sides of the city road,Nothing changes,I’m so nervous,But I heard your report in just a few words,Know you are going to do red tourism,The purpose is to enrich the people and strengthen the county,I am very relieved。I come this time,One is to visit Sanyuan,If you don’t look again,Maybe I can’t walk anymore,I can’t come if I want,also,I want to do something for Sanyuan,Contribute a little waste heat,See how I can help you this time,If you have something, just bring it up,a while,You two tell me what you think。In addition,I come this time,One more thing,This is my own personal business,I came to Sanyuan to find someone,Don’t care about this,I do it myself。”
Wu Youfu said:“Who are you looking for?”
“benefactor,Saved me back then,But if you are alive,Is it over 90 years old?。Ten years ago,I came to Sanyuan to fulfill this long-cherished wish,But time was too tight,All these years,Even though i didn’t find him,But never forget him,People,Nostalgia at a young age,Even if he is gone,I also want to find his descendants。”
Wu Youfu said:“You talk about the situation,I send someone to find。”