After Ding Yi chatted with Director Yue a few more,I told Director Yue I would take time off and go home,Come back to work next week。Director Yue nodded and agreed。

Ding Yi left the door of the Radio, Film and Television Bureau,Walking on the concrete road shaded by plane trees,She couldn’t help looking back at the small building next to her,Thought,I will work here from now on。Think about it in less than two years in Kangzhou,Actually changed three positions。Don’t know if this is the last time。
After Ding Yi returned to the building,Lin Yan is not in the office,It is estimated that the welcome party has not ended yet,She vacated her desk,Pack your own things into a carton,Remove the key to the mayor’s office,Put the key to this room on Lin Yan’s table,Opened Mayor Gao’s door again,Put her keys on the table,Bring home,Carrying cartons,Go up the small stairs on the east side,Just up to the fourth floor,I heard noisy footsteps and voices from downstairs,She knows the meeting is over,The next agenda is for all team members to go to the Golden Shield Hotel,Attend the welcome banquet of the new deputy mayor。
After returning to the dormitory,She suddenly felt very at ease in her heart,There is no need to socialize with Mayor Gao anymore,Lying on the bed,Too lazy to have lunch,Close eyes,Fell asleep。
Jiang Fan returned to his office,He is about to wash his hands,Lin Yan came in with two keys,Said:“mayor,Ding Yi’s。”
Jiang Fan didn’t understand。
Lin Yan said:“Ding Yi is gone,All the desks are free,This is the key to the two houses,Put it on my desk。”
Jiang Fan lowered his head,Wash hands,Did not speak。
Recently,He didn’t care about Ding Yi,That day,The deputy director of the editorial board took Ding Yi’s transfer work document and asked him to sign,He stared at the name with only three strokes,A little heartache,He hesitated for a long time without signing,Factual documents,He still signed。
At this moment,Gao Tieyan came in outside,Shout at the door:“You say this white-eyed wolf,I told her a few words that day,Today left without saying a word,Put the key on my desk,She’s really a lady who says you can’t scold or beat。”
Jiang Fan said:“Director Cao has already identified you a candidate for secretary,Just waiting for your acceptance。”
“I do not want it,All this energy is spent on the secretary,A few more,Just found a happy one,She quit。”Finished,Left in a huff。
Jiang Fan wiped his hands,Cao Nan came in,Said:“Mayor Jiang,Let’s go,Secretary Fan, they are waiting for you at the door。”
“Ok。”Jiang Fan walked out of the office,Tell Cao Nan when you go downstairs:“Take a moment,Organize your office,Send Ding Yi。”
“I told her yesterday,She said no,I also told her if the accommodation conditions there are not good,Let her stay in the facility,She also said no,Move over after finishing there。”