Peng Changyi felt that Wu Guanqi’s heart was holding some fire,He said badly:“What are you doing?If you don’t want to die,Please save my life。”Talking,He turned his head out of the window,A look too lazy to take care of him。

Since Wu Guanqi called last time,Asked if the case of Peng Changyi Gold involved him,After Peng Changyi hung up Wu Guanqi’s call,,They never contacted,Later, after Peng Changyi came to the party school to study,Didn’t contact Wu Guanqi either,One night he turned on the phone,I saw a text message from Wu Guanqi,He didn’t reply to him。
Wu Guanqi ignored Peng Changyi’s words and ignored him,But slowed down,Took him to a restaurant a bit far from the entrance of the party school。Stop,get off。
Peng Changyi has a look,It’s where I ate with Rongman just now,Just sitting in the car。
Wu Guanqi took two steps forward,Seeing Peng Changyi still sitting in the car and not getting off,He was so angry that he sneered,Walk back,Open the door for him,Said:“Dear Lord Peng,Please get off。”
Peng Changyi holding his arms,Said:“Why are you here,I can’t make it。”
Wu Guanqi lowered his head and smiled,Said helplessly:“it is good,I admit,I fucking wanna see you,I also have something to report to you,I call and you won’t answer,You won’t reply,I’m hungry,Please get off now,Let’s eat here、Drink,Okay?”
Peng Changyi forcibly hold back,Did not laugh out loud,He still looks ahead,Said quietly:“The Central Party School has strict discipline,All students,No alcohol,Once found,Expelled immediately。”
“Row,do not drink,Let’s drink water,My uncle Peng?Stop carrying,Get off——”
Peng Changyi heard Wu Guanqi call himself Uncle Peng,He can’t help it anymore“Haha”Laughed,Just got out of the car。Haven’t stood firm yet,Wu Guanqi kicked him,Almost kicked him down。Peng Changyi staggered,Hurriedly held the car door,Didn’t fall,He yelled at him:“What are you doing,There is nowhere to go,Go to your wife?”
Wu Guanqi ignored him,Turned and walked towards the hotel。
Sitting in a small room,Wu Guanqi ordered several dishes,More wine,Peng Changyi said:“let me tell you,I just finished eating out of this restaurant,If you don’t believe me, ask the waiter,And it’s still in the private room next to it,What do you want you eat,You drink,I only drink water。”