“Why don’t you stay here??”Mother Ye was disappointed。

“Out of mood。”Ye Wenwen said angrily。
Mother Ye stroked this topic from the beginning again,Tentatively asked:“or,I’ll stay with you and arrange a room with Xiaofang?”
Ye Wenwen’s face turned red all at once,Sorry to agree,But not willing to object,Said coyly:“I’ll go back with him。”
“you……you and him……Is it already that??”Mother Ye looked at her daughter in shock。
Although Mother Ye feels that the Chinese cabbage she raised does not have a pig arch, it is a headache,But when I think of it, I was really stunned by a pig,Still have a very uncomfortable feeling。
Ye Wenwen blushed and said:“mom,What are you talking about?What’s that?,He is my boyfriend!”
“Alright alright,”Ye mother airway,“I will leave you tonight,Let you live in a room……Such a big person,Don’t know ashamed……”
Ye Wenwen is very guilty,Dare not refute loudly,Only whispered:“Are all this big,Also made me ashamed,Where’s the elderly daughter……”
Chapter Forty Six This kid has a future
Fang Hao holding the quilt on the rooftop,The first thing I saw was a notice posted by this residential property company——It is strictly forbidden to dry clothes on the roof。
But he didn’t care,As a community security,He is too familiar with those things。
Notice of property company,For those owners,There is no actual binding force,It’s more like it was made to meet the inspection of relevant departments。