at this time,Zhao Ming is lying in bed,Put your legs on the bed frame,Extremely laid back。

He already inquired clearly yesterday,Notting College has only three days for admissions。Counting from yesterday,Only today and tomorrow will enroll students。and so,Xiao Wu, that girl won’t come tomorrow,Is the day after tomorrow。
to this end,Zhao Ming has arranged everything in advance。
New and beautiful bedding,The only lavender bed curtain in the dormitory。For insurance,He also bought a big bag of carrots。
This is the beauty of knowing the plot!
“Grandmaster?”Just when Zhao Ming was dreaming about the wonderful life after Xiao Wu,A surprised voice came from the dorm。
Grandmaster?What master?
In a daze,Zhao Ming seems to understand something,Looking out the door。
A middle-aged man and a child are standing at the door。
Middle-aged man with short hair,Average-looking,Bowed slightly,Reveals a kind of decadence and laziness。
And the child is dressed plainly,There are even patches in some places。Short black hair,Dark skin。
Master and Tang San?Zhao Ming wiped a smile at the corner of his mouth。
“Hello there,My name is Zhao Ming。The head of the seven houses。”Step forward,Zhao Mingdao。
“You are Zhao Ming?”The master and Tang San both said in surprise at the same time。
“You know me?”
“Director Su mentioned you to us just now。It’s really a hero!”The master admired。