[Children eat peanut rice have certain effects]_ children _ benefits

[Children eat peanut rice have certain effects]_ children _ benefits

The content is relatively high, but it is mostly some linoleic acid. Eating it appropriately can reduce cholesterol. It has a certain effect of delaying the aging of the human body. It also has a good effect in promoting children’s bone development. Usually children eat more peanuts.The body is very good.

1. Reduce cholesterol: Peanut oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid. This substance converts free radicals in the human body into bile acids to replace the body, avoids deposition in the body, and reduces various cardiovascular and cerebral blood vessels caused by cholesterol exceeding normal values in the bodyIncidence of disease.

2. Delay human aging: The content of zinc in peanut is generally higher than other oil crops.

Zinc can promote the development of children’s brain, enhance the memory function of the brain, activate brain cells of middle-aged and elderly people, effectively delay the premature aging of the human body, and have anti-aging effects.

3. Promote children’s skeletal development: Peanuts are rich in calcium and can promote children’s skeletal development. 4. Prevent tumors: Peanuts and peanut oil contain a naturally active polyphenolic substance, resveratrol.

Compared with resveratrol peanuts, peanut products such as peanut oil will play a role in diet and health.

5. Coagulation and hemostasis Peanut clothing contains oil and multiple vitamins, and contains substances that shorten the clotting time. It can resist the dissolution of fibrin, and has the function of promoting metabolism to produce platelets. It has a hemostatic effect on a variety of bleeding diseases.And, it has a certain therapeutic effect on the primary disease, which is beneficial to human hematopoietic function.