again,Everyone gathered around the terrace,Chatting,Drinking tea,Look leisurely,Envy others。</p>

Huang Lei lying on a wicker chair,Turned over slightly bloated,Watching the show:“Director Wang Da,So hot,How much is a watermelon。”</p>
Wang Zhengyu casually said:“One hundred yuan。”</p>
Seeing Huang Lei on the side picked up the slippers again,Wang Zhengyu quickly changed,Tao:“Is not,Is not,I’m kidding,Twenty yuan each。”</p>
Hear words,Huang Lei put down her slippers,Satisfaction:“It’s almost,one comes。”</p>
Twenty yuan for a watermelon,Although it’s still a bit expensive,But according to the urine sex of the show group,Already pretty good。</p>
Wang Zhengyu also nodded,I know that the current mushroom house is not bad at all,But still speak:“Pay first。”</p>
Huang Lei glanced at He Jiao,Teacher He knows,Took a sheet of twenty from his pocket,Took it。</p>
Wang Zhengyu took it,Then waved,The assistant director sternly hugged a watermelon,Teacher He saw,Screamed,Tao:“You pit us。”</p>
Teacher He took the watermelon,Turned around,Looking at Huang Leidao:“Teacher Huang,look。”</p>
Other people look up,I saw the 20 yuan watermelon,Only two grapefruits big,Can’t even match football volleyball。</p>
Huang Lei was angry,The slippers are up again,Walk here barefoot,Tao:“Is it itchy again?,Just take one and dare to fool us。”</p>
Wang Zhengyu strives for reason,Forcibly defended:“This is a watermelon worth twenty yuan,Watermelon is ours,How to price,We have the final say。”</p>