After a while,Sun Feifei was released by Qin Liang,She panted and pushed Qin Liang away,Step back with a blushing face。

“So sweet and fragrant。”
Qin Liang licked his lips,Unfinished。
“You called me to your office,Not just for……Kiss me?”
Feifei Sun rolled her eyes,Asked suddenly。
“of course not,What do you see。”
Qin Liang pointed to the underwear sample on the table,Motioned Feifei Sun to come and see。
“Yeah!This is the underwear I designed!Made it so soon?”
Sun Feifei walked to the table and took a look,Yelled out in surprise immediately。
Qin Liang said proudly,It’s as if this underwear sample was made by himself,The two eyes are almost narrowed together,Eyebrows are jumping with the expression,Incomparably wretched。
“Your evaluation,Tell me。”
Sun Feifei looked at Qin Liang expectantly。
“From this underwear,Can clearly feel your desire,look forward to,Longing,Yearn for,miss……”
Qin Liang cheeky repeated what Chen Hao said to him just now。
Sun Feifei looked at Qin Liang in surprise,She didn’t expect Qin Liang to be so expert,Know yourself so much。
“Don’t mind what I said is wrong。”
Qin Liang pretended to say,Who makes yourself a half-hearted,Don’t understand,There should be nothing wrong with Chen Hao。
“You are amazing!Really。”