Fortunately, although the second old man of the Du family is so angry,,But I can barely swallow this medicine soup。

“Niche,You are confused,How to prescribe such a trick!”
Dou Lao’s forehead is already sweating,He scolded Mo Xiaosheng with a calm face,Can’t figure it out,Which set is Mo Xiaosheng playing?。
He knows that this little doctor Mo likes to play cards by mistake,But this time it’s too ridiculous?
Hot water treatment,Simply ridiculous!
“Yes,Niche,Such a precious Tianshan Ice Toad,You just lost to this old stubborn so easily,you……Don’t you feel bad?!”
When Wang Shaoqin said this, my heart was bleeding,Although he claims“Lubei Medicine King”,There are countless precious medicinal materials in hand,But there is nothing like this“Tianshan Ice Toad”compared to!
“If he really wins,I gave him this ice toad!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled faintly,Still looks calm and relaxed。
Dou Yong、Huang Xinru and Wang Shaoqin were shocked when they heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words.,Yes indeed,Although Shouqing prescribed a prescription,But whether this recipe is useful or not!
A few of them suddenly came up,Staring,Staring in a wheelchair without blinking“Dying”Du’s second old man。
But what surprised them was that,Fat housekeeper’s medicinal soup hasn’t been fed yet,The second old man of the Du family, who was originally lifeless, had already opened his eyes,Although his complexion is still weak,But the mental head is obviously much better!
The doctors who were sitting couldn’t help but smile upon seeing this,Restless,Obviously this scene,It’s really beyond their expectations。
First0638Zhang Shipa
After the fat butler has fed all the soup to the old man,I quickly ordered someone to bring a piece of brocade over,Wiping the corners of his mouth carefully for the old man。
“Let me do it……”