Du Hongjuan has been out of the music circle for too long,Although she often deals with the music circle,But not enough。

Lan Kai knows,in this world,On who writes the best songs,There may be some arguments。
But if you talk about whose song best matches the singer,Then Shen Huan definitely recognized the second,No one dares to recognize the first。
if《got you》Really can not,There is no way,Zhang Dongyao is destined not to go to Chunwan,What is there to say?
Between two people talking,Actually the second review is already in progress。
Chunwan’s time is actually close6Hours,8-12Point is4Hours,0Start from about to1Half,One and a half hours。
If you put7Half past o’clock8Point preheating count,That’s the most serious6Hours。
After the final review,Have to take out5Half an hour of show time,It is conceivable how many programs are in the first, second and third trial。
The first round of audits has been fully carried out5Time of day,The judges only watched all the shows one by one,Made my own choice。
Now is the second round,It also takes three days to finish。
Now it’s the second day,Zhang Dongyao should be on stage this morning。
Success or failure,Basically depends on this one。
And the background at this time,Also busy everywhere,Looks very messy。
People waiting to be on stage,In twos and threes making the final preparations,Many people are still talking nervously,To ease my tension。
Zhang Dongyao sat in the corner alone,Rest quietly with eyes closed。