Subsequently,The lights dimmed in an instant,Total darkness,See nothing。</p>

The audience looked around blankly,Seat,Relying on the light of the glow stick,Can barely see the person standing on the stage。</p>
Look down from the stage,The light of the glow stick,Like stars,It’s a dream。</p>
And Su Luo, who was standing on the stage, nodded slightly to Liu Zhuo next to him.,Both of them understand what they mean。</p>
Subsequently,Su Luo followed Jin Lei’s request,Out of tune,This does not require any skill。</p>
“do not,Stack up miss,The blood that makes the plot change?”</p>
The first sentence,Just let the four instructors and the audience in the audience fry the pot。</p>
obviously,This song is decent to the audience and the four tutors who turned around,Is too familiar,Well-known。</p>
however,Su Luo came to power,A bright voice,The collective is all dumbfounded,Nima,What is this singing,Too ugly。</p>
Because the light is dark,So basically no audience can recognize Su Luo,Will not believe,It’s the original singer who made trouble here,I can only see a figure in a blur,Holding the microphone,Singing,Just a sound,Can’t flatter me。</p>
“Deeply in love。。for many years,Why destroy the classics。”</p>
“Have grown up and are not in arrears,I want to waste time。”</p>
“The actor who looks like a curtain call sees the lights go out,Too late to be vigorous,Keep the dignity of saying goodbye,I love you without regret and respect the end of the story。”</p>
Out of tune specially sung by Su Luo,How unpleasant it is,It’s like the sound of steel balls brushing an iron pan,Is noise,Unbearable。</p>
The audience in the audience is crazy,Who sang this,Too ugly,The four mentors also frowned,This voice is indeed suffering。</p>