While talking,Scent spit out,Make Zhao Ming’s body hot。

“it is good。”Zhao Ming sighed lightly,Tao。
Little red face,Snuggling in Zhao Ming’s arms,Xiao Wu no longer speaks。
shy,look forward to,happy,All kinds of emotions spread in my heart。
“Let’s go eat now。I’m almost starving,”
“Ok。”Nodded,Xiao Wu escaped from Zhao Ming’s arms。
The two first arrived,Don’t know anything about Shrek Academy。
There is no one in the college,Zhao Ming walked slowly。Not long,I heard a loud noise。
“Ma Hongjun,We have broken up,Don’t bother me。”
“No way,I don’t allow。”
“I do not care,We really can’t。You are a soul master and have good physical fitness,But i’m just an ordinary person。”
Hear this voice,Zhao Ming understood what was going on。
Turn a corner,The two appeared in front of Zhao Ming。
girl,fourteen、Five years old,Handsome,Full of youthful breath,Dressed in simple farm clothes。
boy,Chunky,There is a shallow mustache on the lips。