“I feel that there are more and more crazy people at home……”

Shen Ruoximian emphatically said,Trying to save the embarrassing scene。
“correct,Susu,We don’t know your name yet?”
Or Liu Xiaoyun changed the topic in time。
“Oh,My name is Su Yun。”
Su Su replied shyly。
“Yeah,There is also a cloud in your name!What a coincidence。”
Liu Xiaoyun deliberately said in surprise。
“The word Yun for me is Yun with a cursive prefix on it,Is your cloud word also?”
Susu asked curiously。
“Is not,I am the cloud of the cloud,But it’s almost the same,The grass on my cloud has been eaten by cows。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s witty answer。
“There are two clouds made of rain,Haha。”
Shen Ruoxue also helped to say something,Or maybe she is actually a very smart girl too。
“The rain is different between us,Susu is a cloud made of lingering light rain,I am a cloud made by the storm,different。”
Liu Xiaoyun said seriously。
“Correct,You are a cloud with lightning effects when you go out。”
Shen Ruoxue said with a smile。
“When you are with me,Remember to wear a lightning rod!Lest I accidentally get you。”