Shen Zhiyue doesn’t know when to come in,He wants to hang up。

Lu Shanshan stopped immediately:“do not,Don’t hang up。”
Shen Zhiyue saw Lu Shanshan nervous,Eyes become cold:“what happened,Whose phone is so important,Can’t hang yet。Your agent Hong Yun?Or your mother。If it was your mother,I think she will understand。”
Mo Lin on the other end of the phone woke up when he heard Shen Zhiyue’s voice。really,His goddess is Shen Zhiyue together。
Lu Shanshan responded:“Maureen,He seems to be drinking too much,He is in a bad mood,Let him say a few more words。”
Shen Zhiyue heard it was Ma Lin,First there was a panic of tension,This guy was fascinated by him before,Now I see Lu Shanshan and her open romance,Isn’t it short of breath??
Lu Shanshan lined with Shen Zhiyue stupefied,Grab the phone back immediately:“Morin,Are you better,Why don’t you rest first,I’ll see you tomorrow。”
“Shan Shan,I want to say a few words to you。”
Lu Shanshan will not refuse:“sure,You hurry up。”
Maureen plucked up the courage,Maybe he will be retaliated by Shen Zhiyue after saying this,Complained by Shen Zhiyue,Blamed by Lu Shanshan,But he still said:“Shan Shan,I like you。Although you have chosen to be with Shen Zhiyue,But I still want to tell you,I really like you。”
Lu Shanshan was shocked by the sudden confession,She didn’t know how to speak for a while。
Shen Zhiyue, who has been listening nearby, hums:“Can I hang up now??”
Ma Lin heard Shen Zhiyue’s tone bad,Very nervous:“Sorry,Interrupted tonight,I hang up first。”
The call was finally hung up。
Shen Zhiyue cursed at the phone:“I wish this guy didn’t just hang up,But just hang up。”
Lu Shanshan feels uncomfortable:“what’s wrong with you,This Maureen didn’t work well with you before,Why do you curse others to die。”