“Secretary Wei,In terms of your mother’s age and circumstances,Don’t talk about me,Is the top physician in the world,The success rate is not more than 30%。”Zhang Haoming sighed helplessly,Tell the truth。

Wei Wenyan’s eyes are black,Staggered,Leaned back suddenly。
“Secretary Wei!”
Everyone exclaimed in unison,Hurriedly reached out to catch him,But caught it,Fortunately, Ge Jin rushed over and hugged him。
Wei Heng opened his mouth,Chest down,Panting,Two gray eyes staring tightly at the ceiling,Feel the brain is blank。
His mother has suffered with him for so many years,I didn’t expect to have enjoyed a few years of blessing,I’m leaving myself,If my mother is so gone,Then he must regret it forever。
The nurse quickly moved a chair for Wei Heng to sit down,It took a while for him to relax,Holding Zhang Haoming’s hand tightly,Vibrato:“Director Li,I beg you,Regardless of whether the operation succeeded or failed,I hope you can do your best。”
“do not worry,Secretary Wei,I only need to be on the operating table, Zhang Haoming,Always try my best。”Zhang Haoming pledged his solemn expression。
“Hey,Haoming……When I went to visit Mr. Liang’s niece,,Met Doctor Mo……Do you want to invite him over to see?”
King Tie Yan suddenly thought of Mo Xiaosheng,Can’t help but raise a mouth。
Although he and Mo Xiaosheng are not as close as Qi Mingqing did,But he recognized Mo Xiaosheng’s medical skills very much。
“Doctor Mo?”
Zhang Haoming’s eyes suddenly shine,Nodded,“Although TCM focuses on preventing cerebral infarction,But Doctor Mo is no better than ordinary people,He has refreshed my knowledge of Chinese medicine and even medicine again and again,I think I can ask him to try。”
“Doctor Mo?Which Doctor Mo?Does Heyang still have such a good doctor??”
Wei Heng stood up immediately,Quite excited。
Since he took office in Heyang,The focus of work has always been on the people’s livelihood and economic development,I don’t know much about the medical profession,Right and Mo Xiaosheng,He just knows that he has excellent medical skills,But I don’t know how good his medical skills are。
“Secretary Wei,Which Dr. Mo can Heyang have?,Naturally, Dr. Mo Xiaosheng from Moxin Medical Center。”Zhang Haoming said seriously,The tone is full of respect。