“Shock!Niujia Village is shockedBUG!”

Ok?Niujiacun?Isn’t that the village where I stayed??
Du Jueming opened the post with doubts。
There is a video in the post,Click to take a look,The content is rather vague,The photographer should be far away,Fortunately, the system does not shake when shooting,So I just can’t see the characters clearly。
Du Jueming was shocked,Isn’t this the video of him clicking to kill the wild wolf just now??
Although I did not see anyone else who was just like him,But is it difficult for such a weak wolf to kill a few??
I swiped around and looked at the comments of netizens…
“whispering sound,What’s the point of killing a few wolves,Still significantbug,Just your picture quality,No credibility。”
“On the top floor!Anyone who worships beginners,You can do this easily if you have learned the basic martial arts of the martial art.,The acting was boring!”
“Don’t talk without seeing it in person,That’s obviously a newbie who just created an account,No martial art costumes,Without any weapons,I’m definitely a novice。”
“That’s what you said,A novice,He can brush so many wild wolves?Nonsense,You must have not discovered that he has learned martial arts from a teacher!”
“That’s why I said yesBUG,This newbie must have mastered something unknownBUG,To be able to brush wild wolves so easily!”
“OK,Don’t be nonsense,I just made a manual call,They confirm that no player has triggered anyBUG,Game data is normal!”