[How to judge if the soybean is undercooked]_How to tell_How to tell

[How to judge if the soybean is undercooked]_How to tell_How to tell

Soy beans can be used to make tofu, soy milk or tofu brain. It is rich in protein and a small amount, and can provide a lot of nutrients for the human body. So people eating soy is very good for the body. Soy beans can also be used forIt ‘s cooked, but if the soybeans are undercooked, people will have diarrhea. Let ‘s take a look at how to judge whether the soybeans are cooked or not?

Soak the soybeans overnight and cook them the next day, which is easier to cook and saves gas.

Cook on high heat and cook on medium heat for about a quarter of an hour.

The way to look ripe is to bite the beans apart and cook them when they are not blanched. Pay attention.

Unripe beans are poisonous, so it’s better to lighten them up.

Generally, it depends on the cooking time. Soy beans are not easy to cook. First cook on high heat for half an hour, then change to medium heat for half an hour, use a spoon to hold it, and pinch it to see if it is easily broken. If it is easy to break,That ‘s it. You ca n’t cook it on high fire. Try it first.

With the method of ‘taste a taste’ and crush the ‘smell a smell’, it feels like you can eat without the smell of soy, it can be said to be cooked.

However, there are many claims for ‘cookedness’, such as half-cooked, eight-cooked, very cooked, over-cooked, etc.

If you peel it and try it, you will know it, but usually the soy bean is fat and it is cooked.

Soybean is also known as loquat, soy, which is rich in fiber. It is good for digestion and absorption, accelerates gastrointestinal motility, prevents constipation, and accelerates the excretion of waste in the body.

Note that eating soy beans will cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.

You can also try it, crush it and smell it, and it will be cooked without the smell of soy.

Taste, cooked without raw beans.